Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Is it acceptable to use fingerprint cards from another state or organization?

A:  No. Please fax, email, or write us to request the correct fingerprint cards. Please read the Fingerprint Card Instructions.

Q:  How do I find out if my application has been received?

A:  Please request delivery notification services from the provider you use to send in your application. FedEx, UPS, and the US Postal Service all offer delivery notification services. In the weeks surrounding the deadlines, we receive several hundred applications per day. It is impossible to determine if your application is in the stacks of applications waiting to be processed.

Once your application has been received and assigned to an investigative analyst for processing, you will receive a letter.

Q:  Why is my application being returned to me?

A:  For an application to be considered complete, it must be signed by the Applicant and notarized; it must include the application fee, two (2) signed and notarized Authorization and Release forms; it must be submitted in a double sided format, with every question answered, including the handwriting sample.

Q:  I would like to use my laptop computer on the bar exam. What do I need to know?

A:  The Board encourages laptop use and works hard to make this option function smoothly for everyone. There are deadlines for signing up to use your laptop computer, so that the Board can ensure that the examination facility will have enough power and computer technicians available on site and so that you have time to install and test the required software. Please see the Laptop Use section of this website for more information about the laptop option.

Q:  What is the link to the ExamSoft registration page?


Q:   What is the link to the ExamSoft FAQ page?


Q:    Do I need to send a new photograph and Certificates of Good Standing each time I apply to take the Bar Exam?

A:   YES

Q:  How can I request a receipt for application fees paid?

A:  Please go to the “Application Information” link on this website and click on the “Fees” drop-down option. You will find a link to request an electronic receipt for your application fees at the bottom of the page. Additionally, you may call, write or fax your request.

Q:  What subject matter is tested on the North Carolina State Bar Exam?

A:   Please see Rule .0903 under the “Rules” link on this website for a list of subjects tested on the North Carolina Bar Examination.