Supplemental Application Information

  • Please read entire application and instructions carefully before making any entries.
  • Please type answers, or print legibly in black ink.
  • An applicant who has aptly filed a complete Application for a particular bar examination may file a Supplemental Application on forms supplied by the board, along with the applicable fee for the next subsequent bar examination.
  • An applicant who has filed a Supplemental Application for the examination immediately preceding the examination the Applicant is currently applying for may file another Supplemental Application along with the applicable fees.
  • The Supplemental Application will update the information previously submitted to the Board by the applicant.


To access a Supplemental Application for the North Carolina bar examination, please follow the steps below:

  1.  Under the “Application Information” tab on the NCBLE home page, click on the drop-down link entitled “NCBE Online Character and Fitness Application”
  2. Select “view all character and fitness applications”
  3. Select “NC” as the jurisdiction
  4. Select “Supplemental application”