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Application Fees
Non-licensed Applicant:$ 700.00
Applicant who currently holds, or has ever held, a license to practice law:$1,500.00
Supplemental Applicant:$ 400.00
Comity Applicant:$2,000.00
Military Spouse Comity Applicant: $1,500.00



Administrative Fees
Late Fee:$250.00
Laptop Fee: $125.00
Application Copy Fee$20.00
MBE Transfer Fee$25.00
MPRE Transfer Fee$25.00
Select Answer Booklet$30.00
Failure to supply copy of Application$20.00
Copy Fee$.25 per page
License Copy$35.00
Examination Answers Copy$20.00
Documentary Deficiency Fee:$100.00
Infraction Expedited Review Fee:$200.00