Procedures for Applicants Requesting Administrative Non-Standard Testing Accommodations Due to Breastfeeding


  • Applicants needing administrative non-standard testing accommodations due to breastfeeding at the time of the administration of the North Carolina bar examination may request such accommodations by completing the required forms listed below:
  1. Form IPetition for Administrative Non-Standard Testing Accommodations for Applicants Breastfeeding at Time of Examination; this form is to be completed by the applicant; and
  2. Form J – Breastfeeding Verification Form; this form is to be completed by the Applicant’s current treating health care professional
  •  Applicants must complete and return these forms no later than the first Tuesday in December for the February examination and the first Tuesday in May for the July examination.
  • Requests for non-standard testing accommodations will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.